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When you have dull, aging skin, irregular skin tone, or uneven skin texture, laser treatments can revolutionize your look. At Marin Skin in Mill Valley, California, the board-certified dermatologists, led by Haydee Knott, MD, offer laser treatments using a variety of powerful, state-of-the-art lasers. Experience this sought-after treatment for yourself. Call the office for a consultation, or book your appointment online today.

Laser Treatments Q & A

What are laser treatments?

Laser treatments are a powerful way to revitalize your complexion. The treatment uses light energy to remodel skin cells and help boost your body’s natural production of collagen and elastin, skin-strengthening compounds that enhance skin elasticity and resilience.

During laser treatment, an intense beam of light is delivered to treatment areas. The provider has control over the intensity of the laser light and pulse level, making the treatment highly customizable for a variety of skin issues.

What skin concerns can laser treatments address?

Laser treatments provide a wide range of skin-rejuvenation and skin-revitalization benefits. You may choose laser treatment at Marin Skin to:

  • Remodel aging skin
  • Erase sun damage
  • Ease rosacea symptoms
  • Fade visible facial veins
  • Minimize discoloration from melasma, age spots, and freckles
  • Enhance skin tone and texture
  • Remove unwanted hair
  • Reduce acne outbreaks
  • Minimize the look of acne scars and other scars

Talk to the team at Marin Skin to learn how laser treatments can help you resolve your skin complaints.

What types of lasers are used?

Every laser treatment is provided by a board-certified dermatologist who has a deep knowledge of the skin. 

Marin Skin offers specialized KTP (potassium titanyl phosphate) laser treatments that can address visible spider veins and angiomas (small, raised, reddish growths) as well as rosacea and photoaging.

The powerful Alma™ Harmony laser effectively resurfaces the skin, smoothing out imperfections like acne scars. Marin Skin also has a long-pulse NdYag 1064 laser, which targets deeper blood vessels that cause discoloration.

All of these lasers are highly customizable to treat your particular skin concerns. The dermatologists at Marin Skin do a thorough evaluation of your skin, taking into account your skin type and color, to determine the exact treatment that’s right for you.

What should I expect during laser treatments?

You relax in a comfortable reclining treatment chair. Your provider applies a topical numbing cream to lessen sensation in your treatment area while you wear special glasses to protect your eyes. 

Each laser features a handheld device that the doctor applies to your treatment areas. The treatment feels very much like a rubber band snapping against the skin. Intermittent cooling emitted from the laser helps ease any discomfort.

What does recovery from laser treatments involve?

Following laser treatment, your skin may look red and slightly swollen – like a sunburn. Usually, these side effects subside within a few days. If you had areas of hyperpigmentation treated, they may temporarily turn darker before they crust up and then disappear for good.

Talk to your doctor at Marin Skin to get all the details about how to care for your skin in the days following treatment. You definitely need to avoid direct sunlight, as your skin will be extra sensitive to ultraviolet rays temporarily.

To learn how laser treatments can help renew your complexion, call Marin Skin for a consultation or use the online booking tool today.