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You may have heard of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy for joint healing, but did you know it also has amazing aesthetic benefits? Experience dramatic skin rejuvenation and hair restoration with PRP therapy offered by the team of board-certified dermatologists at Marin Skin in Mill Valley, California. Haydee Knott, MD, and the team use this safe, natural, effective healing compound to improve skin texture and tone as well as to revive hair growth. Call today to set up a consultation to find out more or book your visit online.


What is PRP?

PRP involves no chemicals or medications. Platelet-rich plasma is derived from a sample of your own blood that’s obtained during a simple blood draw.

One of the doctors on the team at Marin Skin processes the sample of blood, spinning it down to concentrate the platelets. Platelets are the blood-clotting cells that also contain numerous healing proteins and growth factors. 

PRP is a tremendously rich healing serum that has many medical and aesthetic applications.

How is PRP used in aesthetic treatments?

PRP treatments at Marin Skin are only performed by board-certified dermatologists. The PRP may be used in one of two ways:

Skin rejuvenation

PRP is applied during microneedling, a procedure in which a small handheld device equipped with tiny needles creates micro channels in the surface of your skin. 

The microneedling triggers your body’s wound healing process so your skin develops more of the skin-strengthening protein called collagen. Plus, the micro channels allow for better delivery of topical skin products.

Application of PRP with microneedling means this valuable compound can flow into these microchannels and reach below the surface of your skin to accelerate healing and improve your skin’s texture, tone, and overall radiance. Your skin looks tighter, smoother, and firmer as a result of microneedling with PRP.

Hair restoration

PRP can revive hair follicles that have become dormant and are no longer growing hair. The dermatologist injects PRP in strategic places along your scalp, where it boosts blood flow and stimulates regeneration of hair follicles that are weak or inactive. You achieve a fuller, thicker head of hair as a result of PRP treatment.

PRP works best for androgenic alopecia, or male pattern baldness. Usually, a series of 4-6 treatments, administered once per month, is required to see a notable difference in your hair quality and fullness.

How do I prepare for PRP treatment?

Prior to your treatment, you sit down with a member of the dermatological team at Marin Skin to determine if PRP is right for you.

Most people are candidates for PRP skin rejuvenation or hair restoration, but conditions like cancer, low blood platelets, or low hemoglobin may make you ineligible. 

If you’re interested in PRP treatments for beautiful skin or thick hair, call Marin Skin to set up a consultation, or use the online booking tool today.