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Sclerotherapy is an effective and minimally invasive way to get rid of unsightly spider veins and small varicose veins. At Marin Skin, board-certified dermatologist Haydee Knott, MD, and a team of highly qualified doctors offer this vein treatment to help you find physical and cosmetic relief. Call the office in Mill Valley, California, today to find out more about this outpatient procedure and how it can help resolve your vein issues. Alternatively, use the online tool to book an appointment.

Vein Treatment Q & A

What are vein treatments?

Vein treatments work to eliminate unsightly veins such as spider veins. At Marin Skin, the team uses sclerotherapy, a minimally invasive procedure.

Sclerotherapy involves injecting a solution, usually a saline solution, directly into faulty veins. The solution irritates the blood vessel lining, causing the vein to collapse and stick together. Your blood redirects through other healthy veins as the treated vein becomes scar tissue and fades away.

Sclerotherapy works best on spider veins, the tiny twists of red, blue, or purple veins that are visible just beneath the surface of the skin. Their tangles resemble spider webs, hence their name. Mild varicose veins may also be treated with this vein treatment.

Am I a candidate for vein treatments?

If you’re bothered by the appearance of veins on your legs, or they’re causing heaviness, aching, or swelling, talk to your doctor at Marin Skin about sclerotherapy treatment.

One of the board-certified dermatologists at Marin Skin evaluates your veins to determine if they can be effectively treated with sclerotherapy. More severe varicose veins – the ropy, bulging twists that usually appear on your legs – may require more intensive treatments.

What happens during a sclerotherapy session?

Before a sclerotherapy session, you may be told to avoid blood-thinning medications, such as aspirin and ibuprofen, as well as certain supplements and herbs. You should also refrain from applying lotion to your legs prior to your vein treatment.

During the treatment, your dermatologist from Marin Skin injects the saline solution directly into the spider veins using a very fine needle. Sclerotherapy can feel slightly uncomfortable, especially when treating larger veins.

You may have all of your veins treated in one session, or you may opt to break up your treatments into two or more sessions if you have a large number of veins to be treated. The entire procedure is performed right in the office and takes less than an hour.

What is recovery like after vein treatment?

You may have a few restrictions following your vein treatment. The team at Marin Skin gives you thorough instructions as to how to take care of the veins after treatment.

The treated veins often itch for a day or two after sclerotherapy, and they may look slightly swollen and red.

The treated veins may turn brownish before fading completely. Larger veins may feel hard or lumpy. Any of these side effects fade within a few months to reveal smooth, clear skin.

If you’re ready to say goodbye to unsightly veins and talk about your vein treatment options, call Marin Skin or book a consultation online.